Basics of Light

Light is essential for plant growth. Natural sunlight is the cheapest source available, but for horticulture it is not always attainable in sufficient quantities. Therefore, the use of artificial light has become very common in order to increase production and quality. Plants have a completely different sensitivity to light colours than humans. Every plant has their own sensitivity for colours and intensity of light. Using the efficient light sources for plants, effective light configurations are important to obtain the optimal results in plant production.

Light and plant growth

Light is the visible part of the spectrum in electromagnetic radiation. All light from every light source like the sun contains many colors, starting with a range from ultraviolet to infra-red that influences any kind of growth to plants.

Why does a plant need light?

Plants use light for:

1. Photosynthesis, growth energy
2. Plant development, flowering, morphology

Both simultaneously take place in the plant and interact with each other.

Added value of light for your crop

XED can improve diverse growth parameters. These all depends on several factors, like crop, environmental circumstances, light configurations and many more.

Benefits with XED Hydro Lighting solutions:

  • Increased production
  • Shortening of the total growth cycle
  • Better plant uniformity
  • Better space utility
  • Improved plant quality
  • Energy savings
  • Better germination rate
  • Higher multiplication factor
  • Higher survival rate in rooting
  • Improved/controlled stretching process
  • Accelerated hardening phase

Globes 3300K,4300K, 6000K or 8000K colour temperature

  • 3300K has more red spectrum for the bloom cycle
  • 4300K is the closest spectrum created by man to natural sunlight
  • 6000K has more blue spectrum for the grow cycle
  • 8000K is used for the finishing cycle

Light Perfomance Comparison

Light SourceCRIEffective LumensHot StartEnergy Efficiency
HPS<5075 LM/WCan NotPoor
MH<8085 LM/WCan NotMedium
XED>85110 LM/W3 SecondsHighest

XED electronic ballast

  • Lighter, more compact
  • Easily mounted to existing shades.
  • Comes in various wattages
  • Easily mounted to existing shades.
  • Ballest case is also a heat sink to dissipate heat
  • Plugs directly into 240v powerpoint
  • Temperature oprating range -45c ti 85c

Light Failure Comparison

Energy Saving Comparison

Light SourceHPSMHXED
True Power(w)400250150
Rated Power(VA)533358163
Daily on Time (Hours)101010
Annual Consumption kW.h 20221306595
Energy save by XED lights (%)7054NA

XED – The Best Lighting Source Today

Full light spectrum, closest available to natural sunlightColour Rendering Index greater than 90 (daylight 100)
Super bright and clearUses 70% less energy than High Pressure Sodium
No light flickeringKnown as “Small Sun”
Greater than 91% lighting efficiencyLight attenuation (brightness) remains above 80% for lifespan of globe
Uses 54% less energy than Metal HalideRestarts within 3 seconds when hot

Light Spectrum Comparison