XED Lights is a leading company of the fifth-generation light source that
specialises in the distribution and support of XED lights. The XED
products are widely used in lighting of roads, industrial, commercial,
tunnels, buildings, sports venues, railway stations, docks, airports,
museums, squares, parks and hydroponics.

XED Lights adheres to the purpose of servicing global customers with
green, environmental friendly, safe, efficient and intelligent high-tech
products. Being an international leading lighting company, XED Lights
improves and enhances social life through researching, developments,
manufacturing and marketing activities.

We use the transformative power of light to make people more
comfortable and productive – providing high-quality light in public
places and professional spaces. We use light to make people feel
happier and safer – light that entertains, inspires and informs.
XED Lights is taking lighting beyond illumination with connected lighting
innovations for indoor, outdoor, hydro lighting and more.