Full Light Spectrum

Closest Available to Natural Sunlight

XED Lights services for home and business

The XED (Xenon Energy Discharge) lamp maintains xenon gas under high pressure to achieve an ionized plasma state. It is powered by “Secondary frequency conversion control”, a technology that emits a powerful full spectrum light and uses less energy than earlier Xenon light technology . The light spectrum is very similar with sunlight, XED is also referred to as a ‘Small Artificial Sun’.

 Save up to 87.5% energy

5 Advantages of XED light

1. Full light spectrum: the only light source with full light spectrum.
2. Super energy-saving: save 87.5% energy.
3. Hot start: can instant hot start, which has broken through the limitations of high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps.

4. Long lifetime, low light failure: still working well after six years of practical application in the field of street lighting, still has 80% original luminous efficacy after working 20,000hours.
5. Resistant to high and low temperature: can be used at the temperature of 85.C.